Product Description:

This Oil are asphalted compound formulated with suitable base stock with extreme pressure additives. They provide excellent load carrying properties under boundary Lubrication and are available in three viscosity range to meet the specific requirement

Health, safety and environmental:

Health, safety and environmental information is provided for this product in the Materials Safety Data Sheet. This gives details of potential hazards, precautions and First Aid measures together with environmental effects and disposal of used products. Click Here To Download PDF


ISO VG 3200, 3800, & 4200


  • This Oil is specially designed for the Lubrication of mill house bearings of Sugar Mil where total loss system of Lubrication is employed with high load carrying properties.
  • Excellent load carrying and EP properties.
  • Ensure full hydrodynamic film of Lubrication with high shear stability.
  • Withstand under shock load condition without rupturing of Lubricating Film.

Typical characteristics:

Physical Characteristics ASTM Method Typical Values
ISO VG 3200 3800 4200
Kinematic Viscosity @ 100 °C, cSt D-445 93 110 155
Flash Point, COC, °C D-92 230 235 245
Pour Point, °C D-97 Black Black Black