Product Description:

ORI-TECH Hydric Aw Oil is a superior quality high index, anti-wear hydraulic oil. It is carefully formulated with a high VI base stock and an advanced technology additive package. It contains highly effective anti-wear rust and corrosion inhibitor combined with foam depressant.

Health, safety and environmental:

Health, safety and environmental information is provided for this product in the Materials Safety Data Sheet. This gives details of potential hazards, precautions and First Aid measures together with environmental effects and disposal of used products. Click Here To Download PDF


ISO Grade 32, 46, 68, 100.


It meets and exceeds the requirements of Denison HF-0, HF-1, HF-2, Vickers I-286-S3, M-2950-S, Racine, Cincinnati Milacron P-68, P-69, P-70, DIN-51524 Part 2, Ford M-6C32, General Motors LH-04-01, LH-06-01, LH-15-1, AFNOR NFE 48-603(HM).


  •   It is recommended for hydraulic systems of all stationary and mobile equipment.
  •   It can also be used in pumps and compressors operating at high temperatures and under extreme pressure.
  •   It is suitable for the hydraulic system of industrial earthmoving machine and quarry equipment.
  •   It has superior filterability, excellent oil seal compatibility and high thermal stability ensuring longer oil life.

Typical characteristics:

Physical Characteristics Test Method Typical Values
ISO Grades 32 46 68 100
Specific Gravity @ 60/60 °F ASTM D-4052 0.874 0.877 0.881 0.890
Kinematic Viscosity ASTM D-445
@ 40 °C, cSt 31.30 45.33 68.30 97.50
@ 100 °C, cSt 5.36 6.69 8.76 11.06
Viscosity Index ASTM D-2270 104 100 100 98
Flash Point, COC, °C ASTM D-92 218 222 228 232
Pour Point, °C ASTM D-97 - 36 - 36 - 36 - 30
TAN mg KOH/g ASTM D-974 0.50 0.50 0.50 0.50