Product Description:

GulfSea Cylcare DCA 5070H is a superior quality Marine Cylinder Lubricant (MCL) designed for modern low speed crosshead diesel engines operating on residual fuels having sulphur content in excess of 1%. This oil is specially developed for diesel engines operating with higher pressures & temperatures and longer strokes. This oil is available in SAE 50 viscosity grade with a BN (Base Number) of 70. This oil possesses outstanding acid neutralizing capability and provides excellent engine cleanliness and durability


The feed rates recommended by the manufacturer should be maintained as the minimum. Higher feed rates may be required during running-in.
Recommended for cylinder lubrication of the latest, highly rated low speed crosshead marine diesel engines operating on residual fuels with sulphur contents in excess of 1%. Click Here To Download PDF


ISO Grade 32, 46, 68, 100,150

Performance Level:

It meets and exceeds the requirements of MIL-L-17672C, DIN 51524 Part 1, Denision HF-1, Cincinnati Milacro n .

Features & Benefits

  • Outstanding acid neutralizing capability helps to prolong the life of engine components
  • Superior detergency minimizes deposits on critical parts viz. pistons, piston rings, ring grooves and cylinder ports
  • Enhanced anti-wear property minimizes piston ring & cylinder wear leading to reduced maintenance costs
  • Good compatibility with all normal seal materials

Typical characteristics:

GulfSea Cylcare 5070
Typical Properties SAE GRADE 50
BN 70
Test Parameters ASTM Standard Typical Values
Viscosity @ 100 ºC, cSt D 445 19.9
Viscosity Index D 2270 98
Flash point ºC D 92 246
Pour point, ºC D 97 -18
BN, mg KOH/g D 2896 70
Density @ 10 ºC,kg/l D 1298 0.934